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What are the different types of Responsible Travel Insurance?      

If this is your first time backpacking or you embarking on a gap year, it may well be the first time you've thought about buying travel insurance.

So how do you know which type of travel insurance is suitable for you?

Responsible Travel Insurance has 3 different types of cover; each has its own strengths and is suited to a different type of traveller or holiday.

Long Stay Travel Insurance

Young guy happy backpackingIf you are planning a long journey abroad, perhaps backpacking around Australia or taking a gap year, the long stay policy may be more suitable for you. The Responsible Travel Insurance long stay policy will provide you with travel cover for a single continuous trip of up to 18 months, enough for even the most extensive backpacker adventure.

Due to the long duration nature of this policy the maximum age we can cover is 64 at the date of your departure from the UK.

You will need to select the main area of destination based on the area where you are spending more than 50% of your time. For instance, if you are going to Australia for a year but are spending a week or two in the USA on the return leg of your journey, you would pay the premium for the area that includes Australia.

The Responsible long stay policy allows you to return home for visits, such as at Christmas, for up to 14 days at a time. During this time at home, cover under the policy is suspended. This could prove useful if you are working abroad during your gap year.

With the long stay Responsible product you can pay an additional premium to have cover for skiing up to a maximum of 31 days. This period can be split up over the entire period you are away, so you could have a few days skiing in Australia followed by a week in the USA if your plans allowed for it.

Short Stay Travel Insurance

This type of Responsible Travel Insurance policy is also often referred to as single trip cover. It is designed to provide travel cover for a single specific trip up to 45, which should be enough for a short trip inter-railing in Europe days (this is reduced to 23 days if you are aged 75 and over and travelling outside of Europe, as defined in the policy wording).

If your trip is to go skiing or snowboarding you will need to pay the additional premium to add wintersports. This cover is only available to those under the age of 75.

Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance

This is sometimes just referred to as Annual travel insurance and is occasionally confused by people who actually need a long stay policy for a 12 month trip.

An Annual multi-trip policy is designed so that you pay once and then you have cover to make multiple trips abroad within the 12 month period.

Each trip taken can be up to 45 days long, although this is reduced to 23 days for those aged 70 and over. The maximum age under the annual policy is 74 on the date the policy is purchased.

With Responsible Travel Insurance all annual multi-trip polices have 21 days wintersports cover included as standard, so if one of your holidays within the year is skiing or snowboarding you don't have to pay any extra to have cover, making it even better value.

If you buy a couple or family policy, everyone named on the policy is covered to travel separately, e.g. children going on school trips or a quiet weekend away for the parents.


Many sports and activities can be covered by a Responsible travel insurance policy. Some activities may fall into the Action or Action Plus categories and require an additional premium to be covered, click here to see which activities can be covered in the FAQs.

Please note: We are unable to cover Action or Action Plus activities on long stay policies, unless they are agreed by us. Please call 01483 562 662 for more information.

We may also be able to cover activities not listed upon referral. This may require the purchase of an additional policy to cover you specifically while you are doing that activity. Please call 01483 562 662 for more details.

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