Backpacker Tales, Twisted Toes and Travel Insurance...

backpacker travel cover by VoyagerBackpacker blogs are a great resource for backpacking trip ideas. Intrepid adventurers all around the world are sharing their travel stories online, in detail, with gorgeous photos.

Recently, while enjoying an entertaining blog written by an active backpacker, I came across a photo of a beautiful beach scene - with a twist...

The traveller had taken a photo while reclining on a beach - the scene was of the author's bare feet, sand, ocean and a tropical sunset. Idyllic, you may think.

All was beautiful except one thing that stood out, literally - one of the toes of the writer's bare foot was at a disturbing angle - it was well and truly dislocated.

In the next picture, the backpacking blogger was facing the camera, holding a handful of local currency in front of their face and looking concerned - their posting was all about how much it cost to get the medical care they needed while abroad on their trip.

This intrepid adventurer was also a surfer and wrote that they had injured their toe while out on the waves. They were experienced, but things happen... Responsible Travel Insurance can help in situations like this.

If this young explorer had travelled with the protection of suitable backpacking travel cover, they wouldn't have had to face the prospect of medical costs alone. Responsible Travel Insurance can provide cover for medical expenses up to £10million, including emergency repatriation if you have to be brought home.

We support the adventurous personalities of our backpackers when they are overseas - cover is also available for an incredibly wide range of sports and activities.

At Voyager, we know you'd rather be travelling so we make it easy, if you are ready to get cover before your next trip, simply click the Quote and Buy button to view a comparison chart that shows you the long stay travel insurance options you can choose.

If you'd prefer to call us with questions, we are here for you at the end of the phone - you will speak directly with a human being, and fast, just call 01483 562 662 We are available Mon-Fri 09:00 – 17:30 GMT.

Good luck with your travel ventures and know that we are here for you when you need us.


~Michele, Responsible Travel Insurance for Backpackers.

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April 2014 - Author: Michèle

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