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Gap Year Travel Insurance      

Many commentators remarked that they expected a fall in Gap year applications this year due to the introduction of increased university tuition fees next year. Many students have opted to forego a year out in order to go to university this year to avoid the rise.

However, with many potential students being disappointed by not getting a place at university due to the increased competition and a large number of graduates finding it difficult to find jobs there may well be a resurgence in the gap year market.

Whereas before plenty of gap years were spent simply travelling through different countries, a combination of parents being unable to afford to subsidise their children while they are backpacking and the intense competition in the graduate job market means the many gap year travellers are looking to gain some kind of work experience through things like an internship such as those available through CRCC Asia or working on a project overseas with Raleigh International in order to improve their job prospects when they return.

Whatever you decide to do with your gap year it is important that you have a good quality travel insurance product, such as responsible travel insurance while you are away.

Not only does responsible travel insurance have higher levels of cover than many of the cheaper alternatives for things like medical expenses, baggage and cancellation & curtailment, but it also includes cover for non-manual work. We may also be able to provide cover for other types of work if you call us on 01483 562 662.

Although you will make a lot of friends while on a gap year there will also undoubtedly be times when you want to come home and see your family, for example at Christmas; responsible travel insurance allows for multiple journeys home of up to 14 days each on a long stay policy.

Responsible travel insurance can provide long stay travel insurance for a single journey up to 15 months and is available to buy online.

Author: Adam