What is Responsible Travel Insurance?

So what is responsibletravelinsurance.co.uk all about?

Increasingly, we all recognise that international travel has both benefits and drawbacks for everyone concerned and that travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

This rapid growth in travel helps individuals to gain a better understanding of different cultures, meet new people and experience things not usually found at home even if it is just a nice sunny beach to lie on. It also brings development and employment to many areas that have been very poor, helping the countries involved to raise living standards for their people.

However, there is, to quote the phrase, no gain without pain. Development of holiday resorts often displaces the local population and the employment offered to those locals is often only at very menial levels. The facilities expected by the tourist can also place great strain on the local infrastructure and resources, especially water and power. This effectively often leaves the local population with rationing for these essentials. In some cases, the very act of travel itself to previously untouched, uninhabited natural destinations causes profound and potentially irreversible change and damage.

Air travel, in particular, is very much under the spotlight in relation to global climate change associated with the production of carbon dioxide.

The answer, however, should not be simply to just stop travelling altogether. As more and more people now recognise, the key is to try to travel "responsibly". This means different things to different people, of course, but most would agree that it includes minimising the impact that you have on your destination while trying to maximise the benefits to the local people and their environment.

responsibletravelinsurance.co.uk has been developed by Voyager Insurance Services Ltd to offer the traveller another way to help put something back when planning a trip. All policies sold will benefit projects run by Beyond Carbon. Click here to learn more about Beyond Carbon.

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